What is the Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP)?

AMP connects one NMS student to an alumni mentor who shares their interests and aspirations for one-on-one mentoring sessions (1 hour weekly/ biweekly)


Overseas applicants: Guidance with deepening knowledge on the subject, brainstorming more ideas and activities that would add value to your CV/ intellectual experience, reviewing CV, essays, SOPs, and holistic application. 

Already have great insights into US, UK, Singapore, Australia applications, broadening insight to Japan and other Asian countries.


India-based applicants: Personalized guidance with deepening knowledge on the subject, opens perspective to more opportunities in India, and how to survive college.


Core Values

  • We’re all inclusive. This is a safe space for people from all genders, race, sexual-orientation and identity.

  • We embrace diversity of thought, holistic conversations, and constructive feedback. 

  • We’re respectful to each other’s time.


The journey of self-discovery offered by The Alumni Mentorship Program consists of tactics that help strengthen your knowledge and understanding of the collective intellectual and emotional life experiences that go into the college application process. With the help and prior experience of fellow NMS alumni, you will gain personal tips and tricks to help you throughout your experience. 


From advice on selecting the right university for you to reviewing your CV, our Alumni Mentorship Program not only increases your chances of getting accepted into your dream college, but also helps you connect with mentors from the same field as your academic interest. (You also gain inside information on college life and survival!)


Apart from reviewing your college applications, the mentors also help you with brainstorming more ideas and activities that would align with your passions--adding value, excitement and fun to the seemingly daunting process of applying for university. 

But that’s not all!


“Do you want to have the opportunity to benefit from the advice from an alum whose career trajectory you admire?

Do you want resource guidance, one-on-one mentoring, essay reviews, brainstorming research ideas and the opportunity to know about their experiences that prepared them for college?


If you're a student who seeks a NMS alumni mentor from one of the top universities across the world, we welcome you!” - Juanita ma’am

AMP Reviews

The experience has been genuinely helpful. Thanks to the AMP, I've been connected with a truly amazing mentor, who's not only a smart and experienced, but also an inspirational human being. 


My college plans have become more streamlined and I'm now more certain about what I wish to do in the future, and how I'll go about it. The transition from school to college is overwhelming, but thanks to the Alumni Mentorship Program, students get specialized one-on-one guidance from competent mentors, making their lives much easier!

— Lavanya Maheswari, Class of 2022