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Ria Golecha

Ria graduated in Economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi, and is pursuing her Masters in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. She is a Project Coordinator at Harvard India Research Center and has over three years of public health consulting work experience at Global Health Strategies, IQVIA Consulting, and World Health Organization South-East Asia Regional Office in New Delhi, India. Ria has co-authored a commentary published in Journal Vaccine, Elsevier with a World Health Organization senior scientist focusing on the enigma of cholera prevention and control. She has worked on advocating for sustaining access to vaccines, creating an enabling environment for lymphatic filariasis elimination, and improving health outcomes for mothers and newborns (specifically through the reduction of newborn deaths and stillbirths).


Since 2015, Ria has also been running a non-profit organisation that leverages the traditional Indian art form of puppetry as a means of behaviour change communication, empowering and empowers underprivileged puppeteers living in peri-urban slums of Kathputli Colony, New Delhi. In her free time, Ria likes to dance and travel.


“Ria truly is an amazing mentor! One of her most terrific qualities is her creativity. She helped me a tonne whilst drafting my CV and her nuanced perspective made her extremely reliable and resourceful. Moreover, her affable nature ensures that positivity is always a part of the work environment- she has an uncanny knack of obliterating stress in mere minutes!


Her spirit as a thinker has helped me develop an 'out if the box' perspective- one which has ultimately helped see my projects closer to fruition!”

- Khushmita Dhabhai, Class of 2021

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Sudhi Mathur

Sudhi Mathur graduated in Physics from California Institute of Technology and looks forward to pursuing her Ph.D. in Gravitational Wave astrophysics at Montana State University. She’s passionate about research, analyzes signals from the coalescence of compact objects such as binary black holes, and has published her senior thesis with LIGO Caltech on testing the polarization prediction of Einstein’s General Relativity. 


During her undergraduate career, Sudhi explored a wide range of sub-fields including high energy physics at Caltech and martian geology at IIT Bombay. Currently, she’s remotely working on a Gravitational Wave lensing project as a visiting fellow at ICTS, Bangalore.


She’s passionate about professional communication, scientific outreach, and hopes to freelance as a science writer someday! Apart from research, she loves to trek, travel to quiet places, and keep her plants happy.

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Mehul Agarwal

Mehul is currently a sophomore studying computer science at Johns Hopkins University. He is also doing a double minor in ‘Entrepreneurship & Management’ and ‘Applied Math and Statistics’. Mehul is a passionate student aiming to work in the computer science industry  after he graduates. He is currently a research assistant under Dr. Anton Dahbura working on developing back-end services for a Disease Modelling project. Over summer, Mehul looks forward to working with Dr. Musad Haque to research the demographics of Bangladesh and its effects on spread of disease using Machine Learning models.

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Avantika Saboo

Avantika is pursuing her Bachelors in Economics at London School of Economics and Political Science. She is a part of a global research and consulting society with and consults a non-profit organisation on strategies to provide data on affordable hospital care products to its buyers. She is extremely passionate about and committed to environment-oriented projects and is interning with a climate data advisory firm, Trove research, which extensively researches on voluntary carbon markets and their impact on corporate decisions. 


Avantika is looking for opportunities in research and policy-making, and has also secured second-position in an LSE policy-making competition. In her free time, Avantika likes to read and listen to music.


Tanya Sanghi

Tanya graduated from Northeastern University, Boston with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Magna Cum Laude (an Honors Award) for her academic performance. She aims to engage in child & adolescent therapy and clarity coaching. She’s trained in the theoretical and practical aspects of Child Psychology and wants to be able to change the education system for the better and puts great emphasis on early-intervention. Moreover, she is currently undertaking a 6 month course on Family and Couple therapy as she wants to bring a long term impact on a child’s life by working with their families.


“Tanya has been absolutely kind and friendly, helping me with all my questions and concerns. I've received some awesome advice from her on a range of things, and I'm truly grateful to her for that. Her experiences have also helped me gain a lot more insight on things. I'm looking forward to learning much more from her!”


- Lavanya Maheshwari, Class of 2022