What is the Alumni Outreach Committee (AOC)?

The AOC, Alumni Outreach Committee, is run by NMS students, who are taught essential skills to broaden their network by providing them with tools to ace professional communication. Our members are trained in the following:

  • Oral and written communication

  • Professional negotiation practices

  • Emotional intelligence techniques


The AOC pairs a Senior and Junior AOCer together to work as a team. (Also, being a part of the AOC also automatically reserves a seat for you in the Alumni Mentorship Program!)

The committee has Senior AOCers (12th grade members) and Junior AOCers (11th grader members) working together to interview students, find best student-potential mentor matches, reach out to alumni via extremely personalized, professional emails/LinkedIn messages, and connect the student with the alumni on zoom call while moderating the session as and when required.


Every member of the committee undergoes a gruesome 2-3 week long training process where they are extensively trained in oral and written communication, negotiation, and emotional intelligence techniques! 

Our Team Members

AOC Reviews

“The Alumni Outreach Committee has surely been and will continue to be one of the most memorable communities at school for me. When I joined initially, I was weary of the workload it will bring- drafting emails, reaching out to alumni, and even moderating one-on-one sessions with alumni. While it hasn’t been very long, I have realised that the workload is anything but demanding. Learning from everyone who is a part of this wonderful committee, drafting emails (and I’m still not perfect at that!), reaching out to alumni, and moderating sessions have become parts of the day I eagerly look forward to. The mentorship I have received from alumni mentors has allowed me to write my resume, draft emails, and shape my application in ways I couldn’t have thought of otherwise. Not only has AOC become a closely-knit community, but it has also allowed me, an ambivert, to connect with alumni who are excelling in their own fields across the globe! Yes, writing and re-writing the perfect email has been challenging; yes, shaping the perfect application and essays has and will be quite a task; and yes, finding the perfect match for every student has been tricky. But having gone through all this, the Alumni Outreach Committee and its members (including me) have learnt skills that will be crucial throughout our lives: email-writing, communication, and networking, to name just a few. Looking back, I am grateful that I became a part of this community, because more than life skills and a boost in the college application process, it has given me friends.”

— Aryan Luniya, Class of 2022